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Why Riverside Square Is An Address You Need To See

When I first visited the Riverside Square development site early in 2019, it only had two very old colonial type bungalow units standing on the land. There were cracks on the walls of these structures and the paint was peeling off exposing unsightly walls that were truly uninviting. To say it was an eyesore would be an understatement. It was hard trying to visualize what the developer had planned for the site but I was also excited about what was to come up on this 3-acre piece of land. I couldn’t wait to for the day when I would come to a completed development.

Now we’re here seeing it almost finished and I truly appreciate the magnificence of it all. It is starting to become a little hub on Riverside Drive, with supermarkets and pharmacies now opening up. From a place that once had some old bungalows to now emerging as an outstanding structure in all its might.

Riverside Drive is one of the most coveted addresses in Nairobi and with good reason. The security of the area is top notch and the tranquil nature of the area is the envy of many other neighborhoods. There are at least 10 embassies that are spread along the drive, showing a true testament of the value of the area. This development comprises four towers offering ultra-modern 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed residences with a variety of floor plan options.