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joint venture & finance structuring

As a company that is poised centrally in the market, we have been able to bring the benefits of real estate development to wider groups through joint venture arrangements and financial structures that create syndicates of development groups.


Our joint venture structures in particular have been highly successful in pairing owners of land that has latent potential with developers who undertake the process of real estate development, forming a structure that offers healthy returns to both the landowner and the developer. This has propelled activity in the real estate market as it offers landowners a turn-key package whilst granting developers access to prime land parcels for development in a structure of low capital investment.

Our financial syndicates are structured to bring together medium-sized investors looking to enter into the real estate development field. With developments that are fully managed by our in-house team, these investors have been able to garner high-yielding returns on investment without the day-to-day involvement of real estate development.



development concept &
design alignment

The success of a development is decided at its planning and inception stages, where market dynamics are studied to ascertain the demand gaps within the market which, if correctly targeted, will result in high levels of end user uptake, this being a prerequisite for a successful development.

Given HassConsult owns the country’s largest property and land datasets, we deploy data driven approaches to establishing market gaps within every suburb in order to perfectly align projects to the market. This has resulted in HassConsult recording some of the highest development uptake in the market, even in economic downturns.


development marketing & sales

Our presence in the real estate market over the last two decades together with our focus on maintaining transparency and integrity in the market has created us for us a distinct brand in the market that is trusted and relied upon.


As a result, both buyers and sellers alike have come to trust our expertise and our brand, particularly in residential development. The agency department provides a crucial link between developers and buyers, having collated over time a wealth of clientele who form a ready market for new developments.


Our client base comprises existing buyers and referrals, most of whom have developed confidence in the success of our developments. HassConsult was the pioneer of off-plan sales of property in Kenya and in this respect, we are able to capture buyers at an early stage of the development, adding to the financial stability of the project.

HassConsult's award winning marketing is attribute to its lead in real estate marketing with an emphasis on transparency, clarity and cultivation of brand loyalty with progressive and wide spread approaches to reaching its target audience. Our in house marketing team fully manages the development marketing program including the creation of the development brand, developing the marketing plan, production and media budgets as well as coordinating and implementing all marketing works.



property sales & letting

Giving a property the exposure it deserves to find quality tenants or to sell for the right price requires enormous commitment. At HassConsult, we give our clients access to substantial marketing and to our pool of high-quality tenants and buyers thus reducing the turnover time for properties and achieving a better price.


In the marketing stage, our work involves creative design of marketing material, on-site marketing through signboards, hosting of open days, print marketing, web marketing and property viewings. At the transaction stage, we follow through on all legal paperwork and payments to ensure the deal is brought to a close.

At all stages, we will review and advise owners of the best ways in which to enhance values of their properties, whilst at the same time, aligning price expectations to market levels. This ensures we are able to offer buyers and tenants a hand-picked portfolio of properties that offer good investment and rental opportunities.



We undertake valuations of residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as businesses, hotels and lodges.

Our valuation team applies in-depth market knowledge, experience, research and analysis across a range of sectors throughout the region. We undertake a wide variety of instructions ensuring in each case that we have an in depth appreciation of our client’s requirements, tailoring our advice accordingly.

Our team combines the benefits of a national presence with specialist knowledge of key sectors, market awareness and technical expertise to provide clients with clear and accurate advice. We support developers, investors and land owners addressing their requirements with bespoke reports and consultancy advice pertinent to their distinct circumstances.



property & facilities

Ongoing management and maintenance of properties is a key factor in value realization, value management and value enhancement. To cater for this at HassConsult, we offer property management services which involve rental collection and maintenance of building units, as well as facilities management which involves administration of service charge accounts and management of common areas and facilities within projects.

Our work in rental and property management involves rental billings and collections, financial reporting, property inspections to provide recommendations on maintenance and improvement programs, attendance to repair and maintenance works and lease administration including lease renewal and review of lease terms.

Our facilities management services relate to exterior and common areas of multi-unit developments and in this respect we ensure a suitable site team is recruited, collect and administer service charge funds, negotiate and administer service contracts, undertake regular inspections to provide recommendations on maintenance or improvement programs, attend to repairs and maintenance works and compile financial and management reports for the property. Our keen site management and utilization of service charge funds ensures that property values are maintained and uplifted.


property & market

HassConsult is committed to the quarterly publication of The Hass Property Index.


This has proven over the last decade to be an important tool providing investors, home owners, the financial industry and consumers with current and historical information about house price inflation- allowing them to make informed decisions in the housing market, in order to enjoy the best possible returns.

We believe the index has also helped us all to understand far better the Kenyan real estate market, the urban residential market - and by extension, some of the dynamics within the Kenyan economy. In our experience, the best decisions are made with the clearest possible information. It is by working to flag within the market what is rising, and what falling, that we can do the most in ensuring funds are directed towards the properties that are currently most needed and most sought, particularly making the case for more affordable housing which is trending and now widely available.

We have a research team of 16 experts which includes a dedicated field research team powered by our own bespoke data collection application. We have produced numerous research reports for some of Kenya’s largest property development projects.

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