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1870 West, The Crown Jewel - Everybody’s Favorite!

There are a few things in life that we all agree on mutually. The common preferred flavor? Chocolate, universally acceptable beverage? Coca-Cola. World’s chosen meal? Anything that is warm, cheesy, and deliciously gooey. Best real estate company in Kenya? HassConsult! (What, you thought we’d coerce on some false modesty like an ill-fitting coat?)

The concept of 1870 West is indubitably a work of sheer brilliance; a true indication of HassConsult’s prowess in real estate mastery. The project is nestled in one of the most unchartered territories of Kenya and this simply spells out “Timeless Investment”.

The very definition of convenience was born here, with Sarit Centre at the doorstep, Westgate Mall a few minutes away, not to mention the express highway having a pit stop at “The Mall” (The people who baptized this place have an interesting sense of humor). The entire area is home to illustrious hotels that unequivocally draws in a plethora of people. Genius meanders through this development ever so meticulously, look closely, every floor has a medley of unique apartments. If “something for everybody” had a face, it would be 1870 West.

From the apprentice investor to the real estate aficionado, these units are strategically placed and available for everyone. Do you need a 1 bedroom with an affordable budget? We’ve got multiple units of different sizes (There’s plenty of fish...err.. apartments in the building). Ranging from 570 Square feet all the way to 829 Square feet, the apartments offer practical and contemporary living from someone who works from home to an independent individual.

The 2-bedroom apartment also ranges in size and style giving a buyer flexibility to choose their clientele, would you want a long term tenant renting an unfurnished unit? Or would you want to furnish the place and hold tenancy for corporate staff nearby of up to 6 months straight or more!

Don’t even get me started on the 3-bedroom apartment, a solitude sanctuary with only one unit per floor that begins from the 20th floor. These elite folks enjoy marvelous views and privacy and are suitable for C-Suite tenants. Rentals in this complex are a no-brainer. And yes, each unit has an escape to the outside world, a way to glimpse Nairobi’s skylight, a place to feel the breeze against your cheek as you sip some coffee on your over-dramatized motivational Monday mug, every unit has … A balcony!

To any sagacious human being, the crown jewel is without a doubt one of the most incredible goldmines of Nairobi city. Why don’t you give it a shot?

Pass by the office and let’s have a chat. Don’t miss out.

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