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Why Escada Attracted So Many Investors

Escada sure rattled the Nairobi real estate market when we first announced of its arrival in the newspapers. Yes, for this project launch we went big, and I mean countrywide with it and it sure paid off big time. This did not come as a surprise as the product came in at the perfect time after carrying our in-depth market research with aid from the Hass Property Index. Escada, like all our other developments, was built on a scientific data driven approach geared to help first time investors start creating their wealth through fantastic investment returns at affordable rates to entry in the housing market and for repeat investors, this was the ideal opportunity to continue building their wealth because of its structure and the area around it.

Phenomenal Market Response

With the development now almost sold out and predicted to capture the title of one of HassConsult’s best-selling properties comes as no surprise – right from the start, we received a phenomenal reaction from the market with all units being in high demand. We were overwhelmed with delight, to say the least, because it meant we were paving the way for investors to financially benefit immensely from their purchase at Escada.

Priced Premium Location