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What To Consider When Buying Off-Plan Property

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

For those who haven’t invested before, you may be wondering what off-plan property is? This is essentially buying a property off a floor plan, prior to it being built. These kind of properties are either starting construction or are in the construction process, depending on where you are in your purchase journey.

There’s an increased skepticism about off-plan property particularly in Kenya, and this can be due to a variety of factors ranging from developer track records to the history and experiences of off-plan buyers. So what factors should you be considering when deciding to purchase off-plan?

Who are the teams and are they credible?

The first facet of reassurance during your real estate journey lies in the hands of the developer and collaborators around the project. The people who are handling the project should be your key indicators as to whether or not you should purchase their development. It’s essential