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Wait, Enaki Is Almost Here!

Are you contemplating travelling to Dubai for the holiday experience and be reflective about things or even planning to buy a home at the coveted Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah beach?

Stop the deal! Because HassConsult has brought the experience home.

In the most coveted neighborhood of Nyari, Kitisuru and Gigiri, Enaki Town is an emerging rare oasis. The 22- acre development complete with a town square and 5-Senses Botanical Garden is set to be the first residential resort of its kind in East and Central Africa .

Enaki, true to it’s meaning - is a perfect embodiment of the cycle of togetherness. From grabbing a bite at the eateries in the town square to attending a gala at the Koiya Town hall, you stroll into the 1 and 2 bed residences hosting a myriad of resort-like facilities that. Living Townside offers the intersection between life and leisure with residential access to convenience stores, dance studios, gymnasium, fitness pool and much more.

A walk through the Enaki drive into the residential homes on Living Parkside reveals a heritage entwined with nature and a modern twist. These homes comprise of studios, three and four bed residences, not forgetting penthouses and duplexes whose superlative interiors splash to the outside giving you a real sense of connection with nature. The privacy and the abundant green spaces create an unfathomable sense of sanctuary for the residences.

The botanical garden which is arguably the soul of Enaki, hosts limitless life whether you are dining under a canopy of stars at the floating restaurant or rejuvenating at the Five Sense Spa. The abundance of holistic experiences is not short in supply.

For home owners keen on tapping on the stability and tranquility created by the presence of the UN, diplomatic and other international missions in this area or investors looking for investment destinations with sustainable and higher returns on their investments, Enaki remains the sure answer to your quest.

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Aug 23, 2023

Limitless bold and beautiful!

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