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Property Values Rise at 1870 West as Landmark Building Roars to Life

Property prices at 1870 West were set to go on 15th October as the 36-month construction program of the landmark building kicked off. What is coined the crown jewel of Westlands is being constructed in line with the design mandate of 1870 West to future proof the atmospheric tower.

‘Long term capital value from real estate really comes from the ability to design today, with foresight of what is going to be valuable tomorrow’ says Farhana Hassanali, Developer of 1870 West. ‘When we consider locations, we determine how a city is likely to evolve. When we plan projects, we obsessively regulate design so that it aligns with a shifting future demographic - a generation that comes with a completely different set of rules.’

It is true that what was valuable about real estate yesterday is no longer today’s frontrunner. A new global culture favors experiences over size - and capturing that audience over a long-term horizon is where real estate value is now turning.

‘Intentionally designing the user experience with architecture and design is now a formidable part of long-term value creation, and our biggest focus. Our decisions are geared to ensure that thirty years from now, 1870 West will be a incomparable high value asset with a rich tenancy and a wealth builder for those who partook in its ownership.’

1870 West is a 30-story residential tower adjacent to Sarit Centre in the heart of Westlands - Nairobi’s second CBD and is set to complete in August 2025.

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What are the current prices for the 2 bedroom condos?

Replying to

Hello Duncan,We are sold out on the 2 bed units at 1870.Available is a 1 bed from 15m and 3 bed from 47m.If interested kindly reach us on +254 709 479 000 to speak to a sales advisor.

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