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Ineza - A Home That Inspires You

When I think about designing spaces like Ineza the first thing that comes to mind is nature. Nature has this innate ability to put colors and textures together that is so pleasing to the eye and that combination is great inspiration to bring indoors. With all the windows and doors allowing natural light inside, it’s an instinctive next step to take that inspiration and apply it to the space.

The neutral palette used in the finishes form the basic background and this was then complemented by the furniture and soft finishes with pops of color in different areas. So, let us talk about my favorite parts of this house. I love that every house has a garden area that is easily made private with lots of greenery. There is plenty of room to have garden furniture to lounge, dine or entertain outdoors, and for all those with green thumbs and a love for home grown, a small herb garden too. The garden then lends into the amazing sliding doors that can open up and make the entire space usable.

The living area in Ineza is stunning! Such a great canvas to design – It was quite simple to imagine a family using the space to cook, eat, entertain, and relax. The spatial planning in this room was essential. We had to ensure that there was ample room to move around while accommodating an entire family and their guests at most. To do this, we used a large L-shaped sofa, with a neutral hard-wearing fabric, that defined the lounge and made full use of the media unit and fireplace.

The dining and kitchen are part of the same space but also clearly defined. A table seating eight people easily was set in place. We used an earthy wood tone on the table, a rich green velvety fabric on the chairs, and fabulous glass modern pendant light creating an inviting interesting atmosphere. I love the space between the dining and kitchen because it is the definition of “heart of the home” associated with that space. It’s so easy to envision an interaction between family and friends across the island as one cooks up a meal while others sit around in conversation.

As you move to the upstairs, the mood changes as it should when we enter our most personal spaces. The bedrooms are cozy and enveloping and here we designed for comfort and style while keeping the color scheme cohesive with the rest of the house. Bedrooms never have to be boring and there are many options to use when styling.

Texture can be added to walls and linens and colors can be added in a million ways. We used wallpapers, wall panels, and paints to define the feature wall in each bedroom. The beds were upholstered with textured fabric and layered with quilts, pillows, and throws. The fabulous, vaulted ceilings are so grand on their own that we decided not to add any center lighting to drag the eye down. Colors were added with cushions, plants, and flowers.

The main bedroom is another one my favorites with plenty of room for a king bed, vaulted ceilings, and incredible natural lighting. The large glass doors open into a sizeable balcony with a nice view of the gardens. One of the bedrooms was designed into a study – as this current situation with the pandemic has taught us, work can be done from home, and there’s no reason not to have a functional beautiful room to get those creative juices flowing. Each room was thought through for comfort, practicality, and style and this shows clearly throughout.

Nature was the inspiration for the interior at Ineza. The elements of that design, therefore, included natural elements like wood, stone, jute, linen, faux fur, and glass to name a few. Once the elements were chosen, they were applied to the furniture and accessories, and then color was added in to tie the spaces together and create visual splendor. This project was super fun to design and the end result was totally worth all the hard work we put into it.

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