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Ineza - A Home That Inspires You

When I think about designing spaces like Ineza the first thing that comes to mind is nature. Nature has this innate ability to put colors and textures together that is so pleasing to the eye and that combination is great inspiration to bring indoors. With all the windows and doors allowing natural light inside, it’s an instinctive next step to take that inspiration and apply it to the space.

The neutral palette used in the finishes form the basic background and this was then complemented by the furniture and soft finishes with pops of color in different areas. So, let us talk about my favorite parts of this house. I love that every house has a garden area that is easily made private with lots of greenery. There is plenty of room to have garden furniture to lounge, dine or entertain outdoors, and for all those with green thumbs and a love for home grown, a small herb garden too. The garden then lends into the amazing sliding doors that can open up and make the entire space usable.