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Enaki - Our Interior Design Journey

When I think about Enaki, two things come to mind. The first is community, and the second is nature.


Nature is a predominant feature across our designs because of the impact it has on human health and mental well-being. For this reason, we felt that we needed to bring the outside in, creating indoor outdoor spaces that have its base colour pallet in earthy tones, and by using textures and colours that make the spaces feel alive. For example, at the penthouses, we have landscaped terraces, and we have introduced trees and plants within the spaces, so that the spaces feel extraordinary. Also, we selected the Scandinavian look for Living Parkside, since it directly overlooks the botanical garden. The Scandinavian look of the homes not only gel well with the garden that’s at such close proximity, but it also makes the spaces prime centres for de-stressing.


Enaki embodies a sense of community because it not only supports residents who would like to conduct their business from home, but also, residents who love to have a thriving social life. The sense of community is further heightened by well thought of distinct residential areas, the Living Parkside and Living Townside, whose interiors are as distinct as the personalities of its inhabitants.

In particular, the Living Parkside is designed to suit mature family set ups. For this we went with a Scandinavian design emphasizing on warmer earth tones that can easily be customised by its respective owners to suit the different preferences of its inhabitants. On the other hand, the Living Townside is designed to suit singles or young families. So we saw it fit to design its spaces inspired by the Tokyo night life, utilizing dark colour palates, that are deep and edgy.

Enaki is a beautiful community that prioritizes great physical and mental health, by integrating nature into its design. It is so well designed to suit different age groups and is so immaculately planned in a way that encourages a sense of community by accommodating people in different phases and goals in life.

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