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7 Reasons You’ll Absolutely Adore Apartment Living

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Have you ever heard that not-so-surprising question: “Why are you raising your family in a 1,000 square foot apartment?” or “Aren’t you looking for a house?” or “Really, an apartment for you, your spouse and your kids?!”

While many go house hunting, there is also a new desire to now occupy apartment spaces as part of the upcoming real estate living trends. So why exactly are people shying away from the norm of home living, and switching to apartment living instead? What’s the draw to apartment living? What benefits can this form of lifestyle living give us?

Here are 7 reasons why we absolutely love apartment living, and we think you might too:


Connections thrive in intimate places that would add to a great blend of apartment living. These connections could be within your families, your faith and spirituality, or even to yourself. With less home to manage and maintain, family time, prayer and meditation, and personal wellbeing can become a daily practice in your life and not a side note.

An apartment’s more intimate space allows families to be more present for one another, creating meaningful relationships with an everlasting bond to take you through life. This leads to more shared experiences and connection, ultimately resulting in lots of happiness.

You will talk more, play more and do lots more together because you’re physically closer in proximity, whilst also having that breathing room when needed because apartments offer a great balance between the two.