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1870 West – A Platinum Location Investment Opportunity

If you blinked, you might have missed it. Just over two months ago we saw the launch of 1870 West, the Crown Jewel of Westlands. HassConsult did an initial launch that hosted over 200 people at our offices at ABC Place. I just wanted to emphasize that this could be a real game-changer investment property.

Essentially, 1870 West is in a platinum location. It is in the hub of the Westlands, which is the hub of Nairobi and as you know, Nairobi is the hub of East Africa. HassConsult has always strategically put up developments of high growth. It promises all the ritz and glamour on the inside, with the best part of Westlands on the outside.

The extraordinary lifestyle of 1870 West goes beyond the individual residences. Enjoy the best in leisure, fitness and entertainment with world-class amenities: artistic water features and landscaped podiums, a rooftop heated swimming pool, fire pit and lounge under the stars, fully fitted gymnasium with indoor and outdoor spaces, yoga garden, residents lounge for working and social interactions, home theatre and a games room.

It’s certainly not the first apartment complex to hit this location but it will definitely be the last, most iconic building in Westlands. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a slew of disruptors enter the market, promising to change the face of Westlands. I promise you, 1870 West is unmatched in its design and the fact that this is a HassConsult development means the land, the developer and the property management is all under one roof. HassConsult is bringing you more experience-based real estate, yet again after Enaki Town.

I am personally really delighted by the feedback from the market as it's been overwhelming. The creators have designed every type of studio: one bedroom, one bedroom & study, two bedroom, two bedroom & study and three bedroom. In addition, the development has ample parking, 9 floors to be exact. Because they have heard your feedback, the offering has bigger rooms, a wide spectrum of price offerings and very flexible payment terms of 3 years. After the initial 20%, can you imagine paying as little as 2% per month? I almost didn't believe it myself.

It is challenging for some commentators to see where the competitive advantages lie considering that the location hosts numerous hotels. They’re only partially right. There’s no doubt that the competition is massive right now. What I am really seeing here is how Airbnb is making travelers reimagine the role of an accommodation supplier. 1870 West offers the tenant a hotel standard of living at a reasonable rate, and that reasonable rate translates to a pretty return on investment. People need to acknowledge that being a landlord has never been easier than now, with us thinking of bringing the high end fashion of real estate that is out there, to Kenya, for you to invest in. Technology is also on our side, and AirBnb’s algorithms are actually helping reduce barriers of entry for advertising your rentals by helping you get visibility at a fraction of a cost.

So why was 1870 West in a busy hub like Westlands, and why now?

There are three big reasons why the development is big news for the real estate market and they’re salutary lessons for practically every type of investor out there.

It’s a HassConsult Development!

HassConsult are literally fixated with curating investment real estate guided by data. They have not yet missed the mark and they always deliver what they promise. They don't and they won't take short cuts, they are transparent and fair. Can I just give a huge shout out to Sakina Hassanali for reimagining real estate design alongside Farhana Hassanali? It is the honor of my career to work alongside these women. I have learnt to trust in their deep knowledge and experience which jointly is over 20 years, they have skin in the game! I get to sell with no fear because I work with a company who cares about your money is safe. It is such a relief.

The only thing that has anchored HassConsult in the real estate market is simply that they have not only stood the test of time, but they have experienced 30 years of changing trends and market dynamics and they have a portfolio of properties that have always addressed the real needs and pain points of its target market: trust. Total transparency for purchasers. They are pivoting directly towards the needs of its customers, instead of trying to find ways to sell as many projects as possible. They only care about solving problems, not selling products.

Now, let's look at the ROIs for 1870 West.

The number one thing in real estate is location, location, location, which is what this development has! But have you ever thought about trying to find reasonably priced accommodation that looks modern? I browsed through the images of the old stock and the prices for hotels in the area, and let's just say, I am not having a staycation anytime soon in the Westlands until 1870 West is complete!

Additionally, we are living in an age of convenience at our fingertips and to our door steps. We want to be connected to everything in a heartbeat and that is why 1870 West is so ideal. Rumor has it that hotels are keenly looking at this location as an investment opportunity because they see the yield potential is extremely high. I think any investor should catch wind of this and not hesitate to buy here.

A benefit is that the property management will be done by HassConsult. This is incredibly important and I have got this feedback from every person who is buying this property as an investment. How it is managed will also have an effect on the value over time and HassConsult once again is flexing all the real estate muscle that they have.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Just come in and have a cup of coffee with us at our offices located on the 4th floor of ABC Place, on Waiyaki Way. Let us show you how you can build your wealth through real estate.

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