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1870 West – A Platinum Location Investment Opportunity

If you blinked, you might have missed it. Just over two months ago we saw the launch of 1870 West, the Crown Jewel of Westlands. HassConsult did an initial launch that hosted over 200 people at our offices at ABC Place. I just wanted to emphasize that this could be a real game-changer investment property.

Essentially, 1870 West is in a platinum location. It is in the hub of the Westlands, which is the hub of Nairobi and as you know, Nairobi is the hub of East Africa. HassConsult has always strategically put up developments of high growth. It promises all the ritz and glamour on the inside, with the best part of Westlands on the outside.

The extraordinary lifestyle of 1870 West goes beyond the individual residences. Enjoy the best in leisure, fitness and entertainment with world-class amenities: artistic water features and landscaped podiums, a rooftop heated swimming pool, fire pit and lounge under the stars, fully fitted gymnasium with indoor and outdoor spaces, yoga garden, residents lounge for working and social interactions, home theatre and a games room.

It’s certainly not the first apartment complex to hit this location but it will definitely be the last, most iconic building in Westlands. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a slew of disruptors enter the market, promising to change the face of Westlands. I promise you, 1870 West is unmatched in its design and the fact that this is a HassConsult development means the land, the developer and the property management is all under one roof. HassConsult is bringing you more experience-based real estate, yet again after Enaki Town.

I am personally really delighted by the feedback from the market as it's been overwhelming. The creators have designed every type of studio: one bedroom, one bedroom & study, two bedroom, two bedroom & study and three bedroo