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Volaire - Our Interior Design Journey

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Across the globe, people have begun to understand that well designed spaces have a huge impact on their mental health and wellbeing. Consequently, they have started to appreciate the work that interior designers do.

However, the Kenyan market still lags behind. We at Lehem interiors understand that this lag exists, and we strive to create benchmarks of impeccable interiors that can be done in residential spaces so that more people in our nation begin to embrace interior design and its benefits.

Our most recent benchmarks are our three show houses at Volaire, whose fundamentals such as wardrobe, kitchens, bathrooms and doors are the same in all the three apartments.

The vision for these spaces was to step outside our comfort zone by using dark hues because we were so used to doing light and airy spaces. However, for this one, we really needed the space to be moody and seductive.

Throughout the space we have the touch of black that’s consistent. Our faucets are black, our shower cubicle frames are black, and our doors and window frames are black. Additionally, we purposed to have an unconventional kitchen that is really dark to give the space an Aha-moment.

But because we knew that the market wouldn’t really be ready for a fully moody space, we opted to balance out dark and light, so that it was a win-win for both us and our clients. So for most of the spaces, the wall paper choices are light and airy, our wardrobes are light and airy and our bathroom tiles and quite bright.

To differentiate the spaces, we purposed to have their furniture and furnishings different so that our vast clientele base can have alternative perceptions of our spaces. Our first show room, B104 which was launched in January 2020 is a 3 bedroomed apartment. It was based on a family setting whereby the family comprises of a daughter, a son, the parents and their housekeeper at the DSQ.

In this apartment our concept revolved around the son and daughter being a bit older, perhaps 20 years and above. So for the girls and the boy’s bedroom, we used the traditional approach of making the girls bedroom pink as well as the boy’s bedroom blue, but with our own fresh interpretation of the same so that the spaces could feel very unconventional and mature.

Our second show room, B101 which we are currently launching on 21st November 2020 is a 3-bedroom apartment. It is also based on a family setting however, we wanted the concept to revolve around a pre-school girl and a teenage boy. Additionally, we wanted the space to be quite Zen and calm so that the users could feel grounded while they were all at home. After all, interior spaces impact the user’s moods and emotions.

Our third show room, B103 which we are currently launching on 21st November 2020 is a two-bedroom apartment. The interior concept is based on a newlywed, where one bedroom is a master bedroom and the other is the guest bedroom.

For this, we wanted it to be moody-glam, with flashes of strong colours to represent a very outgoing couple. The second bedroom has been made very neutral, so that the newlyweds can host different kinds of people in their spaces or even so that they can convert the space into other living spaces such as an office or additional closet. Most importantly, the space has a small bar, which isn’t there in the other two showrooms so that the newly we can entertain their guests well.

All in all, we designed our showrooms at Volaire, putting into consideration the various family settings that exist. We wanted you, our clients, to visualise the spaces differently, so that you could choose for yourself which setting works best for your unique lifestyle and family set up.

I hope you will take the time to walk into our showrooms and give us a comment on whether our various interpretations are a hit or a miss!

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